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With over 30 years establishing and developing of HVCT, the faculty has developed every aspects from equipments to teachers. Now the faculty equiped many modern materials and experienced teaching staff. Besides, the faculty also attained many achievements. Upgrading quality in many courses and most of the graduated students were recruited by businesses and companies.
 Vice- Minister Pham Gia Khiem visited the workshop


The faculty has 5 workshops: Diesel engine workshop and auto-electricity workshop. The workshops are being supported to invest and update equipments which suitable practical demand.


Now, with common demand of the school, the faculty undertake to train 3 levels: College, Intermediate, Primary major in Automotive.
Moreover, the faculty implement to adjust and complete continuing training programs. Next time, the faculty will extend training many short and major courses: auto electricity, etc.


  1. Mr. Nguyễn văn Ngọc - Dean
  2. Mr. Lê Thanh Nhàn – Teacher
  3. Mr. Phạm Thanh Đường – Teacher
  4. Mr. Lâm Quốc Châu – Teacher
  5. Mr. Đỗ Văn Tập – Teacher
  6. Mr. Bùi Ngọc Triều – Teacher
  7. Mr. Ngô Văn Thận – Teacher
  8. Mr. Phạm Ngọc Đà – Teacher

 Teaching staff of the faculty

 Model auto practical  Workshop


Office of Faculty of Automotive, Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology
502 Do Xuan Hop,  Phuoc Binh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.