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Admissions 2016 for Sewage Engineering: Difficulties and immediate solutions

After the first student recruitment phase, there are not enough applications for the major ‘Sewage Engineering Technician’. What are the difficulties and how to improve? On 05 September 2016, due to suggestions of the college's Board of Management, the Field of Activity 3: TVET for Wastewater Sector held a discussion with the participation of representatives of Office of General Admission, Training Office and teachers of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Labour Safety to define the difficulties and respective solutions to increase the enrollment result in the second phase.

Through an open and constructive discussion, it pointed out that the cooperation and the regular information exchange between departments and faculties, which have not been established or still very weak, plays an essential role not only in the completion of annual enrollment quota of each faculty and the college, but also helps prospective students make the right choice of their future career oriented to their interests and capabilities.

Instant solutions, such as promoting the major more intensively via available college’s facebook fanpage as well as individual advisory service via hotline and on-site at college’s Admission Center, are brought up to discuss, finalised and agreed to be jointly implemented by all related parties. Besides, the Faculty of Environmental Science and Labour Safety will keep recruiting new students through their own channels like through partner enterprises.


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