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      Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established for 30 years from founding of  the School.
The faculty equiped new materials to support teaching and studying. Teachers of the Faculty have professional skill and teaching enthusiasm. Next time, the faculty will upgrade quality training, qualification of teachers staff, extend to cooperate with businesses, implement science reasearch,  transfer technology, etc.


      The faculty trains 2 vocations: Metal Cutting and Weild Technic. Besides, the faculty holds major courses regularly, moduls according to need such as: CAD/CAM-CNC, Sharpen Technic, Model Design, Robot weilding programming, Microplasma Weilding Programming; TIG, FCAW 4G – 6G Weilding classes for exporting labour.


 Microplasma Weilding Programming
      With the development of the school, teaching staff of the faculty is developing in every aspect to meet the demand of vocational training in quantity and quality. Now, the faculty has 15 teachers and 40% have postgraduate qualifications.
      Teachers attain many achievements in training field.


      The faculty has 4 workshops: 02 lathe workshop, 01 milling workshop; 01 weild workshop and 01 CAD/CAM/CNC room. The workshops are equiped many new materials such as: CNC, Weilding Robot, Microplasma Weilding machine, etc. The faculty associates with many businesses to do outwork mechanical goods and upgrade quality training.


 Self-Made Vocational Equipment Competition
      Besides of teaching, the faculty join many vocational training equipment competitions and attain many achievements.
      The faculty often holds many major courses for upgrading qualification of teachers regularly. Teachers join many courses to upgrade qualification such as: set up plan, curriculum, multimedia, or service industrial equipment, developing in CNC, etc.
 Edmonds Community College(USA) Visited The Workshop
      Besides of a main function, the faculty instruct for hundreds of students of Ho Chi Minh Technical Education University to practice in the faculty.


Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering - Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology
 502 Do Xuan Hop,  Phuoc Binh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City